radio2XS Rocked! Thank you.

After 15 years as a highly-respected and influential New Music radio station, we have been beaten by the determination of the UK copyright bodies, PPL and PRS/MCPS, to prevent the development of any significant online radio industry through unaffordable royalty charges. As a result, radio2XS ceased broadcasting on 27 December 2017.

For those not familiar with the issue, both organisations insist we pay a substantial amount of money per annum, based solely on a fixed sum for each listener and song. The amount they charge us far outweighs any potential income the listener could generate and, despite my attempts in the past to persuade them to charge a basic 'entrance fee' augmented by share of revenue, they refuse. This is despite that fact that it would have enabled us to grow the audience and then the advertising base, and therefore increase the future sums we could pay to them. By comparison, over-air radio stations have exactly that deal: a nominal upfront cost (around £2k pa - exactly the sum we suggested to them years ago), and then a small percentage of their annual revenue, regardless of listener numbers. What they are doing may, in fact, be unlawful as their privileged status as 'protection societies' is conditional on their fees not discouraging the use of their members' music. Which is exactly what they are doing by denying a growth of online (internet) broadcasting in the UK.

We have therefore come to the painful conclusion that running the station from this country will remain unviable. This is particularly unfortunate now that traditional radio output is so myopic with the whole country covered by stations which are indistinguishable from one another.

That said, there may be opportunities in the future to operate the station from an overseas location (bizarrely, just as Radio Luxembourg did in the past), but we haven't reached that stage yet.

Personally, I'd like to thank all the talented and generous people who made the station possible, especially in its early days, and to the record promoters, musicians and listeners who have supported us over 15 years. During that time, we are particularly proud of the world exposure we have given to new bands and musicians.

We'd love you all to keep in touch so that we can inform you of any future developments. If you'd like to hear from us about future plans, please sign-up here (if you haven't already).

With best wishes,

Jeff Cooper,

27 December 2017